Viewsonic PA503S HDMI projector price in india

Hey guys in this article we are gonna be checking out the best ViewSonic PA503S HDMI projector in 2020. I made this list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I have listed them based on Quality, Durability, Price and more.

ViewSonic PA503S HDMI Projecter Review

The Viewsonic PA503S HDMI projector has a versatile design that is perfect for education and business presentations. It can project up to 120 inches from 15 feet and 8 inches away. The image size varies from 30 to 300 inches with a noise range of 27 decibels.

The Viewsonic PA503S HDMI projector 3600-lumen rating means that the picture is very bright. One of the best things about this projector is how easy it is to set up. It has a simple plug and plays design that makes it very easy for everyone to use. The super eco mode lets the lamp continue to shine bright for up to 15,000 hours.

There is support for VGA with a resolution of 640×480 as well as full HD for resolution of 1920×1080. The flexible connectivity options supported the majority of media players including Macs and PCs.

Viewsonic PA503S HDMI projector comes with a remote control that also has a very simple and easy to use a design that you shouldn’t have any problems with. You will receive a power cable and VGA cable as well.

Final Words

Coming in at around $280. So View Sonic Projector offers a wide range of connectivity options and a long-lasting bulb. It is incredibly easy to set up even if you have never used one of these devices before. It produces a bright high-quality picture that delivers plenty of detail with. The ability to project up to 300 inches you should have no problem getting your needs met

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